Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Notes from Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron

Now is the time to develop our trust in Basic Goodness. The first step is being honest with ourselves. Natural intelligence is always available to us. Pause periodically and allow a gap into whatever you are doing.

Pause for 3 conscious breaths, or listen to the sounds around for a minute or so.

Shenpa – translates as attachment

1. Our storyline fuels it
2. Comes with an undertow
3. Has consequences which are frequently unpleasant

Transmuting Shenpa

1. Acknowledge you’re hooked
2. Pause, take 3 conscious breaths, & lean into the energy, get curious
3. Then relax, and move on.

Intention Practice (good in the beginning, good in the end)

1. In the morning acknowledge a consciousness building task, keep it simple
2. In the evening some time before you go to bed check-in and review how your contemplation went

Commit to pausing throughout the day. Allow time to experience life’s natural energy.

The Dalai Lama suggests fasting one day a week, or skipping a meal to empathize with those people that are forced to starve.

Compassionate Abiding (an excellent preliminary to Tonglen)

* Breathe In: the feeling of being hooked, open up to it, & relax.
* Breathe Out: Ventilate and give it space

Tonglen – expands as our ability to deal with more and more unwanted feelings increases

City Tonglen

* Stand still, pay attention to anyone who catches your eye
* Contact whatever feeling arises
* Say to yourself: May both of us be able to feel feelings like this without it causing us to shut down.

Advanced Tonglen

* Breathe In: take on the pain of others so they will be free of it
* Breathe Out: give them all your comfort and ease

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