Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Uphill Battle

Continuing on from where we began yesterday with our exploration of my journals starting with an entry from 3/21/2007 in the second part of the opening sentence where I refer to an uphill battle.

In order to create something truly meaningful it takes time and concerted effort. This theme comes up often. I also talk about a process I call Personal Archeology which I used to uncover part of my past. Journal Mining is a form of Personal Archeology. Here are some quotes from the entry that speak to this topic:

So often it takes time. This is why it sucks. The mission. What did ya find? Personal Mythology?

It takes time before you see the possibility of a true rhythm.

Do you have the patience to benefit from the experience of life?

The next logical topic to follow our discussion on Beginnings is to turn to the idea of process, or basically creating systems for the things that you will have to repeat. Basically anything that you will do more than once gets its own process.

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