Thursday, March 27, 2014

Using Statigram to track your Instagram Stats

STATISTICS is the 2nd Main section of Statigram after VIEWER. If you have never clicked on the statistics tab while being logged in before you have to do so and then wait until your stats are generated.

STATISTICS / OVERVIEW contains 3 boxes, the first box is the summary snapshot which gives you all of the totals for # of pics, likes, comments, followings/followers, and there is a small line graph showing the fluctutations of your followings. The box beneath this gives your follow ins and outs over the last 7 days. The bottom box is your scores broken down by love, talk, and spread. Love is tied in to likes, and talk is tied in to comments. The rate is a percentage gauging your follower engagement, while the spread rate measures beyond your followers. There are 2 numbers listed, one for your last photo, and one for your last 15 photos.

The STATISTICS / ROLLING MONTH DETAILS page is also made up of boxes only this time they are set up in 2 columns. The Content Box compares how many pics you uploaded compared to last month. You will also find your most used filter, and most used tag listed here. On the right side is the Popular section. The Engagement Box on the left is for your likes, and the right Engagement Box is for your comments. Below both of these are Thumbnails of your recent most popular pictures. On this screen is also listed your follower growth comparisons as a whole in addition to your gain and losses for each day that you refresh your statigram statistics. To the right is the list of your most engaged followers and your follow to follow status in relation to them.

STATISTICS / CONTENT shows you how much you've posted in two breakdowns, first as a line graph representing the life of your account, and yearly bar graph showing the distributions either monthly or weekly. Density is the breakdown by day of the week and also a separate breakout for time of day. Your filter usage is listed next (on the left), along with tags and geo location data (on the right).

Stay tuned for PART 2 on Statigram STATISTICS.

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