Monday, May 24, 2010

Prophets of the Future

Things become tumultuous and then they recede into stillness. The polarity of life swinging back and forth tells us that our dreams are real, and what we see as real is only a dream. The thoughts we hold in our head are the chalk that applies itself to the blackboard of externality. These are simple laws which hold great truth. The manifestation of this comes in many forms and is forever integrative in the present.

The dial-up memories of the past come to the surface of the mind like bubbles in a washing machine. Then the person having these thoughts has choice arise alongside their bubbling thoughts. Where does the next moment take us? We have limits to our choice bound by our karmic imprints but as we loosen the tethers these choices grow vaster. Being bound to our past becomes a blindfold into the vision of our present as it propels itself into the unknown future.

With powerful summoning we can take the lessons of the past, marry them to absolute knowing, and create roadmaps of the future. This is the work of the prophet or in modern times what we may call the futurist.

The prophet/futurist can operate in both the macro level as well as the micro level. They may also inhabit the interior realm or the exterior realm. These are basic opposites that should be acknowledged so that one knows in which space they are working.

Honestly I am not certain where this blurt just came from. What I do know is these words are a powerful signpost of our absolute nature.

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