Thursday, May 20, 2010

Space is the Place

I have given myself a lot of walking around space in the interior realms. Seeing the space created in my heart even as I sit in cubicles trapped in the mundane repetitive tasks of modern business, with specialization, and assembly line structures; I realize firsthand the power of both the interior realms, as well as the exterior realms. Space is the place, as Sun Ra used to say. Of course he wasn’t just talking about the space contained here in our earthly realm; he was talking about the infinite universe. Trungpa talks about space all the time too. Space is the component that makes it possible to breath. If we don’t find the space to exist then we suffocate.

Getting out and strutting into the world can happen in the physical plane and can also happen in the mental slash imaginative realms as well. As a matter of fact in the interior realms the limits of physics is stripped from the driver of the vehicle. Once we enter our heads possibilities open up into the infinite realms. There is nothing we can’t do once we take control of the engine of mind, and give it room to move.
This is a window into what we are talking with when we deal with the Law of Attraction. As we open up into the open possibilities of the inside world, we then make these things take effect in the external environment. This is the relationship that happens between mind and matter. Our mind has powerful energy that directly influences the physical plane.

The place I find that trips people up is when they start asking for things that are not going to ultimately make them happy, or are asking for things that are just beyond the scope of science. Yes, we have amazing capacities, and so much of that has been buried from discovery. But no, we are fooling ourselves if we leave reality and embark on a journey that doesn’t take full recognition of cause and effect, and the Law of Emptiness. This is the danger I see in the literature that has sprouted up around the Law of Attraction since the publication of the Secret. A book by the way that I refused to purchase because I don’t like the way they are marketing deep wisdom. You lose my vote when you present a system that appears to prey on people’s desires without explaining properly all of the tools and dangers of working with these powerful energies.

It seems like the equivalent of taking a 5 year old, teaching them the rudiments of language, and then sending straight to college to study the higher aspects of language. We must monitor the flow of information, and insure that handle it responsibly. We don’t want to pick up a hitchhiker and then drop him or her off on the dodgiest corner of town and say good luck. No we want to pick up the hitchhiker, find out where they want to go and then make sure they are not sending themselves into a lion’s den.

It brings to mind some of the issues I had in high school as I fell through the cracks of the system only to be brought into a guidance counselor’s office to be grilled on where I am going wrong. The pep talk I got still echoes in my brain. Here was this man who in my young mind had a good job. He was the dean of the department and well respected in the school itself. He told me that if I kept screwing around with my education I would end up with a crappy career like him. In some ways I appreciated his honesty but in other ways I felt like his advice was irresponsible. I was a kid in deep need of mentoring and guidance, and he was telling me don’t screw up like he did. I still don’t know exactly what he means exactly.

It made a little more sense to me when once as I sat waiting for the train an MTA maintenance guy began cleaning around my feet. He grumpily told me not to end up like him, doing something he hates, surrounded by trash, and with no chance of escape. I mean coming from him it makes a bit more sense than it does from the head of a department of one of the best public high schools in the nation. This gives a warped view success. He didn’t know about the problems because they never got to the table. All he offered was don’t screw up like me.

This brings to mind a story told by Alex Haley in Malcolm X’s biography when a teacher asks the class what they want to be when they grow up. Young Malcolm tells the class he wants to be a lawyer, and the teacher tells him to strive something more appropriate for a black man in this society. I guess in his closed world view he couldn’t see past the current social state in the world, and that eventually we would have many black lawyers.

It pains me to think about how badly the opinions of adults screw up kids. I thank my mother for shielding me from her hang-ups. She seemed to be saying “Look this world has contaminated me, but I want you to have a fresh start, so I am not going to contaminate you with wrong views.” At the core she released me from the bounds of wholesale ignorance and closed-in forms of thinking that I see other parents inflict upon their children. Whether it is gender roles, racial views, political leanings, religious beliefs, you see over and over parents push their ways on kids without giving them a fresh start to carry-on beyond the tight structure of “this is how it is, how it will always be, and you will be better off the sooner you realize it.” This robs the child freedom to explore their identities. No wonder there is so much rebellion in our youth.

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