Sunday, June 06, 2010

Jam Session Transcription (part 4)

I like to have a good laugh just like the next man
Stick my neck out like a giraffe with the vexed plan
But I understand that some people they got cruelty in their hearts
And they don’t got love and they like to do it at the expense of others
Ignorance is defiance of your own self, torrential downpour
And it comes on other shores it’s
And all these sycophants …
But that’s all right, that’s behavior that’s abhorrent
In this labyrinth you got to act it better than you fathoming
This is something that be happening
I know you gonna do better, yapping it
… Kind of trapping and you having fun at the expense of others
Your brothers, your sisters, and the mothers
That’s not the way you gonna do it and discovers
Like Christopher Come-bust-us
And you lost in the train
Feeling it and play other people close, lost your brain
Getting in their way and you don’t maintain
There’s a flame in your heart, and you got to get bigger
You got to use your mind, the way to start figure
Not like a trigger, your violence don’t help you
That’s the truth … it’s nothing
But your there fronting … damaging
In the sorrow at the expense
What you gonna do erect another fence
In a gated community the doom that we have
That’s why you sit with your knife when you stab
The gift of gab can be used in so many ways … better
Let’s use the sutures put together when we settle
That’s what we do when we grab it and try to acquisit-
But I tell you man you got to break past it
The passion that I’m asking open up all the sashes
It’s the Fashion Avenue one everyone looking to
Yo I’m walking from coping and I said
yo I’m away from the dope and all the placements
I feel yo like graffiti walls when they deface this
It’s the selling myself short my mind when it gets caught
Damage and sorrow in time when they try to borrow
It’s like another loan, first they give ‘em out like it’s going out of style
Then they turn it around, and treat you like a child
… What you do emanation, my manifestation
Is a type of interpretation, that anything that T-I-O-N
And when I’m firing, I don’t obey the king ‘n
Never be singing against the siren, alarming
At times I be dormant but other times I’m funkin’
When I spoken, yo they choking form out of their cloaking
I’m there right now beyond ordinary hope ‘n
Ah yes, I got belief and more, they think that …
Gonna see coming right … trapped in the lost
I want to be free, humanity’s free
If you’re not in the court then why you testifying
If you’re not in the line then why you always fired
What you want to do? Your retirement is needed
Any type of … in the seedling in the fertilizer riser … Times Square
… it’s the corny nasty stuff that I could never really ask for
but you right there saying that’s all about the asphalt
… When I bust it before I hit the expression I hit ‘em with a lesson
They messing up my hair, they messing up my dome
They guessing that I known like I’m acting like a clone
But I got another poem that you hearing and I’m tearing
Away from the pain that’s driving me insane
I came here now, I had know-how
When I showed up now when I played your bluff
It’s a world series of poker painting the casino
Can’t be a fiend though
Win a little have some fun, that’s enough for me
I don’t want the world you can keep your billion
Rather earn it anyway and when I have a little something
Made a little for my children, and I’m loving,
And it’s okay if I lose it all in one day
That’s okay man I got another way
If I want to … Foreman name me Yuri
This is the rhythm and this is the …
That’s why you see more than what you seem to heard
That’s why you looking 360 all the time …
North west south east, so many directions that you must see
… back home … what you be doing when you reaping what you sow
Choking your mind … let it all in the door ‘n
Need a little building … immersed … science it’s defiance
… like it’s coming out my kitchen
That’s right man you can hear it in my diction
It’s science fiction, it’s turning real
That’s why, why, why?
Shaking in my mind like a slippery eel
I be looking around trying to get mass appeal
… audience … it’s catharsis … if it’s not real need a new one
It’s bigger than me now and my next next meal
What I feel it in my stomach, phased out when they done it
But now we gonna run it away, and paragon …
This is a new paradigm
Understanding, demanding, we’re handed a scam ‘n
We’re landing the words but now we coming through
From the earth it’s the birth, the children in the playground
To the old folks geriatric up in the senior home
That’s for all and leave ‘em in the middle that’s why
Now it’s a riddle for the … like a koan
There’s no real answer it’s got to come right from the experiential self …
(to be continued)

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