Sunday, June 06, 2010

Jam Session Transcription (part 6)

… Used to live in the basement
With that little ass window didn’t even see the sun
Used to … (instrumental break)
Madison Avenue got us looking for all of this (2X)
Better, bigger, stronger, new, improved
Give me your money, I win and you lose
Madison Avenue got us looking for all of this
Madison Avenue
I be like the slogan shogun, you know son
When I run this game n’ now running across the track n’
Hanging with the crackheads I always got my back in
This is a backbone that means community to them ain’t …
… out of the culture a vulture running around
Like a dog named Doug in the rough, Wow I like to see the trees
But … of the disease, right there now brought up in the freeze tag
Like I was playing TV tag, red light (3X) and the green
Full head of steam locomotive, burn your votive
… Wondering when I’m ever gonna get …
Knocked a couple teeth out … but I paid for that now and I’m feeling the pain
It’s anger and it’s words, I got to get relief
… I got to be released …
The Common denominator, who be the bomb in the greater?
That’s the way they do it and the heads when they come in to play the
They think they Big Pimpin’ saying that you be fibbing
But you hating that’s why you …
Westborough and the Baptists they don’t got no love for that kids
But I say they got to rise above this now
Discovering the hovering, there’s real people in every religion
… so I got honor them no matter their affiliation
If you’re an affiliac Mukyo, what are you saying? …
People don’t really have to do all these things
But that’s okay, break through all these stings
It’s just feedback that happens so I change my angle
I’m singing in Egyptian but I don’t walk like a Bangle
… wrangle on my feathers, don’t wear a cowboy hat
How many Presidents are from Texas?
Is it the money with the oil? Is it the lye?
That be in there when you making up the soap
How you going to come wash your mouth
That’s the thing you’re talking about, that’s so wild
A chip off the old block, a daddy kind of apple
What you want to do? You want to wrestle when you grapple
MMA eh? UFC see! What do you want to be, be?
That’s all right free … I got the beast on my back
I’m just a mercenary killer from Kellogg Brown Root
I’m hanging very hectic, Halliburton’s clean up the world
… Who got the golf tournament? NBC? … privacy
I need a payday, green is profitable you know
Building up these buildings, and they building what they sow
… Baba the Nagas, smoke a lot of ganja, straight from the chillum
What we gonna do? The interspaces …
Get to the bottom of this hit off the waters

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